How to Use the Template File to Create External OO jDREW Applications

The template file is external to OO jDREW and requires you to have the downloaded version of OO jDREW installed. The template is an easily configurable file, so that you can create applications using the Top Down Engine of OO jDREW. The template is very simple and is a great place to start if you are just getting to know how to use OO jDREW.

Configuration Information

There are a few things you should be aware of when you start using the template file. The template uses POSL for the knowledgebase and query syntax. RDFS is used for type definitions. The template used the basic methods required to use OO jDREW in your external applications. The template file will parse the knowledge base you define, then execute the given query, and then print the variable bindings to the console for each solution to your query. The template file is well documented so you can see what needs to be changed quickly. Then you can start building your own applications that use OO jDREW.

A direct link to the template file can be located here.

Last Updated:
   April 2, 2008

   Ben Craig