How to use the Top Down Findall Solutions

The extenion TD Findall is external to OO jDREW but requires you to have the downloaded version of OO jDREW installed. The extension is easily configurable, so that you can use the Top Down Engine of OO jDREW to find all solutions to your queries. The application uses a knowledge base file that contains your rules and facts you want to perform queries on. The results of the queries are stored as instantiated facts in the answer file.

Configuration Information

There are 8 variables that must be set by the user inorder to use the application.
  1. The variable kbType must be set to the type of syntax your knowledge base is stored as. I.E. POSL or RuleML

  2. The variable queryType must be set to the syntax of the query. I.E. POSL or RuleML queries

  3. The variable typeDefinition is set to the how your types are defined. I.E. POSL or RDFS

  4. The variable kbFile is a string that contains the location to the knowledge base file.

  5. The variable typeFile is a string that stores the location to the type definition file.

  6. The variable ansFile is a string that locates where the output file is to be placed.

  7. The variable append is a boolean that determines if the output file should be appended to or overwritten

  8. The variable query is a string that contains the query you are going to use on the knowledge base

Last Updated:
   April 2, 2008

   Ben Craig